Insurance Fraud is one of the fastest growing forms of fraud in our country. Insurance premiums increase when fraudulent claims are filed and the economic impact due to false payouts can be detrimental to the insurance company. There are many forms of insurance fraud, such as personal injury claims, worker's compensation, damaged property, motor vehicle accidents, theft, and arson. In these situations, Break will investigate the original scene where the incident occurred, review or reconstruct the chain of events that led to the claim, and obtain statements from witnesses and the claimant. If the insurance agency believes a fraudulent claim has been filed, our team will work up a complete background investigation and conduct surveillance to determine if their suspicions are valid.

If the case goes to trial, our investigators have experience testifying in numerous cases and will present their findings in court.



Background Investigations


Audio and Video Documentation

Accident Reconstruction

Homeowner's Insurance Fraud Investigations

Theft/Burglary Claims

Interviews/Polygraph Examinations

Cyber Investigstions

Arson Investigations

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Claims

Automobile Damage 

Personal Injury Claims

Accidental Death Claims

Worker's Compensation Investigations

Forensic Accounting