Break Investigtive Group offers a broad array of services to assist corporations in protecting their assets and obtaining the appropriate information to make executive decisions. We offer equipment, experience, and support to help businesses manage security, personnel, and legal matters.

We understand that internal issues such as harassment, violence, internal theft, and substance abuse can plague a business. Our team will thoroughly investigate the matter, relay our findings, and make recommendations to avoid future occurrences. We can also conduct background investigations on potential hires, current employees, and promotional candidates. 

    We appreciate the complexity of corporate operations, and the importance of professionalism and discretion. Our team will conduct intelligence investigations of your competitors or joint venture partners if needed. This will allow management to make informed decisions regarding competitor strategies or mergers and acquisitions.  

Unfortunately, we our living in a time where safety and security in the workplace is of extreme importance. Our team will evaluate the current security infrastructure and policies and then develop a strategy to improve the overall safety of the organization.

At Break, we will design a customized program to fit our client's needs and ensure that they receive the highest level of service. 


Background Investigations

Pre-Employment Screening

Merger and Acquisition Investigations

Competitive Intelligence Operations

Employee Misconduct Investigations

Worker's Compensation Verifications for Self-Insured Cooperations

Interviews/Polygraph Examinations

Cyber Investigstions

Asset Searches

Sick Time Verifications of Employees

Non-Compete Violation Investigations of Former Employees

Loss Prevention Assessments and Analysis

Business Threat Assessments

Personal Security

Forensic Accounting